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[[Http://portal.bicicultura.org/ | {{: bicicultura_quadrado_verde.png? 100 | Bicicultura Portal}}]] ====== ====== WIKI ===== ===== Events Conferences ==== ====   * [[Events: conferences: biciconf | BiciConf]] - concept in development ...   * [[Events: conferences: bicicamp | BiciCamp]] - is an unconference on the theme of the bike, not an event to go watch which, as in conventional lectures. It is an opportunity to actively participate in developing the issues, ask questions, to share answers. The structure is horizontal, and http://wiki.speedbit.com/doku.php?id=wiki:syntax [[http://www.mycaal.com/|loan modification]] the discussion [[http://www.andrewflusche.com/services/spotsylvania-reckless-driving-defense/|Spotsylvania reckless driving]] and debate unfold during the [[http://thebeginnerslens.com/iphone-camera-tips-and-iphone-photography|how to use iphone camera]] presentations and not (only) at the end of these. The operation and philosophy are based [[http://www.proposable.com|proposal software]] on a wiki. Festivals ==== ====   * //**[[ Http://wiki.bicicultura.org/eventos/festivais/bicycle_music_festival|Bicycle Music Festival]] ** - The Pleasant Revolution Tour / / - A new type of event to an evolving culture, the BMF system merges a P / A 1200 Watt pedal powered, zero use of cars and trucks, and [[http://www.merchantos.com/|point of sale software]] an eclectic group of musicians and world-class volunteers. Projects ===== ===== Studies ==== ====   * [[Http://laws.bicicultura.org|Traffic Codes]] - Registration comparing different European Highway Code (and others), and legislation, in respect of rights and duties of drivers of bicycles. [/ / English / /]   * [[Projects: studies, road-safety | Road Safety]] - A comprehensive study of the [[http://www.diamondlinks.net/|link building]] implications of the Highway Code on the rights and obligations, freedom and safety of users of bicycles.   * [[Projects: studies: Bicycles and Multimodality in Portugal]] - This study aims to meet the greatest extent possible the conditions for bicycle use in the co-modality and intermodality with public transport. ===== ===== Campaigns Legislation ==== ====   * [[Campaigns: legislation: code-of-the-road | highway code]] - Campaign for the amendment to the Highway Code to eliminate harmful items for cyclists and, if possible, place items that positively discriminate cycles. Media ==== ====   * [[Campaigns: media: Observatory | Observatory]] - Registration, comments, criticisms and counter-points to articles related to the use of bicycle riders and published in the media. ===== ===== Ideas   * [[Campaigns: media: Ulysses | Ulysses]] - Project development in [Desktop]

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