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Traffic Laws for Cyclists

This is a collaborative open project that aims at gathering detailed information about the Traffic Codes (or Street, Road or Highway Codes) enforced in european countries (a geographical focus, but contributions about other countries, such as Brasil or USA are welcome).

Project's contacts:

Webmaster: Bruno Santos - brunosantos @ bicicultura . org
Content: Mário Alves - mariojalves @ gmail . com
Content: Ana Pereira - anapereira @ bicicultura . org

Portal Bicicultura

Bicicultura.org is a development platform for projects from and for the portuguese cycling community. It's an informal, non-commercial and open endeavour - its content is licensed under a Creative Commons License Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0, and most of it is collaboratively created in open wikis. The purpose of Bicicultura.org is to aggregate and promote initiatives that showcase, develop and expand the culture of cycling and the cycling in culture, defend and expand the legal rights of cyclists (and pedestrians), and promote awareness and debate of all things cycling (mainly as a transportational and recreative activity).

Road Codes








United Kingdom

  • Highway Code in html an in pdf [2007]






Related Legislation

A comparative

Help us find and translate the relevant data for cyclists in your country's Road Code.

Please always include a reference (with a link, whenever possible) to the source of the information you share.
Formatted text makes it easier for others to read it and search it.
If it's OK, leave your contact (name and e-mail address) so you can be reached by others.

On a subsequent phase we might be able to create a comparative chart. :-)

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